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Can someone tell me if this is my water breaking ? Pic in c…

Can someone tell me if this is my water breaking ? Pic in comments.


— They told me if I go into labor now they won't stop it

— Thanks girl . I'm kinda nervous

— If your doctor told u to go don't wait. Your too early for this to be happening..

— I believe it's your water as well like everyone else said stay home for as long as you feel you need to so your calm and comfortable then go to the hospital. it gets kinda crazy once your there. but congrats and good luck

— Idk all I see is spotting so I couldn't tell u

— It's soaked through 2 pads now and still going

— You'll know when your water breaks

— I don't think it's your water breaking. The bloody show could mean you've started to dilate. It happened to me when I started to and that's was it looked like

— Thanks girl

— looks like the bloody show and your water breaking. congrats! your beginning labor:) however I know woman who waited at home until the 5 1 1 started. 5 minute apart contractions lasting a least a minute long for 1 hour. reason being Is that it's more comfortable to be at home for as long as you can rather than the hospital. the Contractions are the true sign of labor that you're ready to go in. my dr recommended keeping active with light house work or simple things to keep your mind off the Contractions to help tolerate them better. but remember 5 1 1! once that starts, head to the hospital:) good luck I hope your labor is a joyful experience

— It's soaked through the one I have on now . And thanks girls ... Hopefully everything is okay

— If it soaks through a pad within an hour it's most likely your waters

— looks like it, go ASAP

— if you're leaking go in, it's not always a gush

— Here's another pic