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my son turned 8 months yesterday I can't believe it's been …

my son turned 8 months yesterday I can't believe it's been 8 months since I had his he has come so far coming from a tiny 1lb 10oz to 15lb 3oz it's so crazy. I can't believe we have been in the hospital for 8 months it has been a crazy 8 months tho


— I'm glad he is doing good my son has never taking anything by mouth it's all been tube feedings @sarahemccormick

— Yeah mine had cpap then was switched to room air and his temp was controlled in his incubator. Couldn't have the side panel open long, couldn't hold him unless he was super bundled up, even for skin to skin. He would get really cold really fast. He was tube fed for most the time he was in level 3, but when he was moved to level 2 and began taking bottles, I started to introduce the breast and now we ebf, which was my plan from the start. It's been a long road and I know he is gonna face some challenges, but we are ready to tackle them head on!

— @sarahemccormick,

— Yea my son never had an issue with his temp they had to out the air on in his "box" for like a month before he was out in a regular crib

— @chunkymonkey9115, Wow, thats tough 😢 My boy was on cpap but not for long. He was born at 33, so his main challenges were regulating his temp which was really hard for him, breathing, and feeding. He got it all together in a months time...That was the longest month of my life. I am inspired by you, and your bravery and courage and strength! Keep holding on for your little man - I know it will mean the world to have him home! Theres no better feeling. Praying for you guys tonight!

— thanks @sammenewborn

— He is beautiful❤📦👶💙✨

— he is going home on a vent and he has to tolerate it and get his oxygen way down and the only way it will help is for him to grow do it really deppends on how he grows and if his lung will grow with his body that's been his issue since my water broke 2 weeks before I had him they said his lungs could of stopped growing when my water broke @sarahemccormick

— omg another year 😢 What issues is he currently facing?

— @mommy_faith, @sarahemccormick

— Yea he is @mommy_faith. and thanks @sarahemccormick. we r hoping to go home soon but they still think it will be probably another year or so I really hope not tho

— this is so beautiful ❤ prayers to you, from one NICU mom to another so #NICUStrong

— What a little fighter!! 😊

— my water broke at 22 weeks and on had him at 24 weeks @mommy_faith

— happy 8 month's!!