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What's your take on baby boys getting their ears pierced? I…

What's your take on baby boys getting their ears pierced? I personally don't like it. But I don't judge anyone who does.


— Didnt even know people did that lol i love it on little girls.. I feel like baby boys would get confused for girls if they had their ears pierced.. It seems a bit femanine to me

— @amaperalta03, no to piercing my sons ear. None of the male figures in my life has pierced ears. I plan on growing Ethan's hair out for maybe a year or two cause it looks cute on some type of "textured" hair in my opinion.

— my fiance has his ear pierced but of my son wants to get his done when he is old like 9 or 10 I wouldn't care but of he wants to do that then he would have to work for it (chores) and he would have to show that he could take care of it and make sure it don't get infected

— Omg awwww!!! A tiny ring lol that's too cute

— @therockamom, okay makes sense. I would allow my son the same option to make that decision on his own and for him to run it by me first though

— @lexirosex3, yea definitely see how your finance feels. And I recently got my daughter a bracelet and ring and she loves it. But I only put her jewelry on when we go out.

— I don't necessarily think 3 is a good age to let them make choices like that...When they're old enough to take care of it themselves, then I don't see a problem with it if they want it. "My way" is that I don't believe I should make the choice for them and if I were to have a son and he wanted his ears pierced, when I felt like he was old enough, he should be able to make that choice for himself and if he decided in a month he didn't like it, he could take them out because it's his body.

— @amaperalta03, Aw!! Lol at least she loves it!! I do wanna get my daughter a little bracelet though. Idk if I'd get her ears pierced I know she'd look too cute with it but I'd have to see what my fiancé says! My mom pierced mine when I was a baby I've had it ever since.

— @lexirosex3, I got my daughters ears pierced at 3 months and she's 16 months and she loves when I put her earrings in she looks in the Mirror and smiles and giggles and walks around like a model. But that's your baby so you make the rules

— I'll give him two weeks 😂😂😂@lexirosex3

— @amaperalta03, shoot, I wouldn't pierce my daughters either. I'd let her make her own decision when she hits 18. I agree with you. 100%

— @madasynmommie, some baby boys just have that swag that it looks good. But a lot of moms just do it to do and they son be dressed a hot mess. I mean id let me son pierce his ears in high school so he can look "cool" lol

— @mimiz, definitely lol he's at the age where he be doing his OWN hair. Lol I'm like ok.. So he be telling me what he wants to do to it. I went through the whole short hair phase the whole Mohawk phase and now he wants to do this. Lol so we shall see how long that'll last 😂😂

— @therockamom, my opinion is that as long as your my child you won't make any decisions about your body with out my approval until your 18. I know a few mothers who believe in your ways and they say their daughter wanted her ears pierced at 3 so they went and did them. Now how do you expect a 3 year old to remember to turn her earrings every 3 hours and to clean them daily. You can't so basically the parent will be doing it. Same as them getting their ears pierced as a baby. But that's my opinion

— Lol ! Aww see it's nice you let him have a choice