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omg! my chihuahua is in labor too!! what a day :) anyone i…

omg! my chihuahua is in labor too!! what a day :) anyone interested in a chihuahua puppy??? this is her 2nd litter in a year and we will sell them for like $50.... let me know. obviously they won't be ready to go for 8 weeks still. :)


— @zarnicole, oh no :( I feel so bad for ppl with allergies to pets and food! 2 things I absolutely love!

— @michellevaldez4750, I wish I can have one ... My son loves dogs and keep asking me all the time ... Problem is me😔 I'm extremely allergic to dogs and cats ... I can't have any animals :(

— :) @lilybug I'll post pics once mama is done giving birth and cleaning them up. @emkasting I'll definitely keep you in mind. usually big dogs are better with kids but our chihuahuas have been around my kids their whole lives and they're fine with them :)

— Oh I wish!!!! I want my daughter to have a puppy to grow up with

— I have always had large dogs it would be so awesome to have a little tiny one! But I am about to have a baby so idk if it would be a good idea haha. Keep me in mind for one of them though

— I drove for 8 hours once to pick up a yorkie. I love them :) @emkasting

— @emkasting, if he does we can arrange to meet half way or even ship a puppy. we shipped one of our pit bulls to Puerto Rico a few years ago.

— I wish

— You're so far from me though haha and I doubt my bf would want me to get another dog 😞

— @mom1234, I'm between Fairmount and stark. :)
@emkasting I'll message you pics as soon as they're all born :) she had 7 the last litter and it's the same father too both pure chihuahuas no papers though.


— ok yayyy...I'm actually moving two blocks off Hampton but on 51st

— @mom1234, you live close too so you can come see them in person too :) I live off of Hampton on 24th street. I'll message you when they've all been born :)

— @mom1234, I'll make a note and send you pics and stuff when they arrive :)

— I will love one omg!!!!