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Please don't blast me or feel anymore worse be humble with …

Please don't blast me or feel anymore worse be humble with the replys.
Ok so .....My thoughts are crazy at this point. I've been on Xanax (severe anxiety) for many years actually just went back in for trying different alternatives and adderall meds for over a year and it has helped me a lot. I weened myself off Xanax to 1mg a day from 3 bars a day and adds as need not the full 40mgs a day like a 10 mg.
I didn't know I was pregnant because the first test said No and 3 wks later I took 3 test and all positive. 14wks sooooo.....
My concern is I have effected the baby everyone keeps giving me different advice.
1. "Oh girl It's fine just don't over do your meds plus, the stuff I read everything is a different opinions I don't know what is true. So they say just talk with OB and tell everything." But some OB say different stuff . But I'm so beside my self I can't function. Can't get into OB soon enough due to insurance is dragging feet or appointment is to far out now when I want to get in like weeks ago.
2. If I don't get this fixed I'm afraid I'm going to have a breakdown for real..... I feel like I'm tryin to figure all this out in my own. With 2 young daughters and my mans teenage son. I want to pull my hair out. My man work from 5am -6pm or later some times. So no time for me myself to meditate, yoga etc. and to juggle life or to much time stressing all at the same time I'm just over my head and it hurts.

Bottom line I just vented about stuff I'm afraid to talk about ..... Much need resources and financial support is much needed we are late on BILLS and can't even provide for the kids we have. I have food stamps, Medicaid and go to food pantry . Ask people for help which is slim to none and it's still not enough. Idk it's late I can't sleep. Please send prayers our way and if you could comment about this please do!! Thank you for your time🙏🏻


— I was on anti depressants and anti anxiety medication prior to getting pregnant and because my husband and I decided to try to have a baby I went into an OB/GYN office and had a preconception exam done. At that exam they went over my medication and told me that every medication has a pregnancy classification. There's A, B, C, D, and X and the further down that list you go, the worse the drug is for pregnancy. Level X drugs are drugs that you absolutely cannot take while pregnant and they make you sign a waiver at the beginning of the process saying that you understand why you can't get pregnant. Such as accutane for acne. That drug will severely screw up a fetus. Xanax is a level D drug. Level D means that there is positive evidence of risk that the drug has caused to fetuses. Level D is a drug that you shouldn't take while pregnant unless absolutely needed to live. It's one that your OB would have to figure out if the benefits outweigh the costs of you staying on it because it could causes issues with your kiddos but they also wouldn't want to take you off and leave you as a big ball of stress and anxiety because that could hurt the kiddo too. I would talk to your doctor about that medication and see where you stand on getting off or staying on. There are safer medicines for pregnancy, it's just about getting you weaned over to something else and if that's plausible. Best of luck momma ❤️ you've got this.

— Feel free to send me a message, follow me, whatever you want
I have been dealing with severe depression and anxiety for years and take meds for both, have 2 kids, and am pregnant with my third
I am not sure about taking adderrol while pregnant, I don't have that experience so that I cannot help you with
however I am currently taking xanax
I take it as needed, can take .25 to .5 up to 3 times a day if needed
both my psychiatrist and my OB said that it is fine.
I'm guessing you have a psychiatrist?
if you can't get into your OB try to get into the psychiatrist to talk about this, at least let them know you are pregnant if you haven't already
also maybe you can leave a message for your OB to let know you would like to discuss your medication as you have concerns.

— I pray that things get better for you and your family remember too keep your head up when your daughters sleeping take that time to do some me time like yoga and meditation and relax but remember to stay strong