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so he felt like this was an excellent time to get rid of me…

so he felt like this was an excellent time to get rid of me. when he first found out I was pregnant he was upset because currently he has a 4month old son. so is it wrong for me to tell him that he doesn't have to worry about his unborn child? he did buy clothes for the baby but that was about it. my friend provided us with a crib and pack n play and I'm the only one going to parenting classes. he comes to appointments but is never interested.


— @tifflarai0627, yea u right if he's a coward I can't deal

— @singlemommykate31, and he definitely sounds afraid

— @singlemommykate31, how right you are love, gotta do what we gotta

— Oh wow ! Smh that's not your fault that he is going to have two kids that's the same age. It's his fault , he can't blame you for that. Baby girl do whatever in your power to make sure your child feels the love & forget him

— Yes. I mean my ex wanted to marry me .. Oneday .. Then the next said if he is his he'll be a full time daddy . He's only ever asked me once how Iam .. He's now dating again ... I know he's scared and most men who abandon a pregnant woman are.. It doesn't take the sperm donor to raise your child eventually .. Takes a real man to father .. It ain't going to be easy but you'll be a great singer mommy and if he comes around than great ! But make sure he's got real :) we are woman and we are strong !!all of us

— @singlemommykate31, I'm sorry he's such a dick and I admire your strength. I just feel like he lied to me the whole time and he was just looking for an excuse to abandon me. we were best friends before anything and now it's come to this...

— @tifflarai0627, he's been this way all along. mostly he kept saying I'm gonna have two kids the same age. I'm 7mos also and it hasn't changed just worse.

— I told my ex I was pregnant and he said I was lying to get attention... I was being the adult and updating him on his his son is doing but he still Denys that it may not be his.. It's been hard on my own but I have family support and I don't mind being a single mommy.. You don't need him... He only gave u a gift ..

— Smh , maybe he's scared. Smfh I know what your going through my baby father in the first two months wasn't the best. Even told me that he wouldn't be here. But as months went by he had gotten better. Now I'm at the beginning of my 7th month and we are doing okay. Just start showing him that you don't need him. That your child will be loved with or without him

— we were supposed to be in this together and he randomly decides to break up with me. like throwing shit in my face. definitely hard pill to swallow @tifflarai0627

— If he isn't interested than why should you be interested in anything that pertains him? I know it's a tuff pull to swallow about the father of your child but it's enough stress getting ready for a baby you don't need his bs stressing you out more.