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Went to the hospital today in early labor I had 20 contract…

Went to the hospital today in early labor I had 20 contractions in an hour but my cervix won't dilate, they gave me some pain meds to deal with the contractions and sent me home. They said if the contractions get bad enough to where I can feel them through the medication or they get even closer together to come back.
On my discharge papers from the hospital it says abnormality in fetal heart rate and rhythm complicating labor and delivery (along with other things) I keep reading it over and over again.. It's scary. Prayers for my sweet Chloe.


— i would honestly call them and ask what it means. if there was an abnormality and rthym in the heartrate they shouldnt have sent you home. call to ease your mind:) but yes dont stress just try to stay calm @amanda_turner

— Don't stress girl, it's not good for the baby.@amanda_turner I'll message you

— @vb95, no they didn't that's why I'm having a slight mental break down.

— I would honestly go back or call the nurse, did they explain the abnormality to you? @amanda_turner

— They told me I might need a csection tho

— They haven't done one since my car accident at 33 weeks @vb95

— The meds have me so tired and out of it.

— It could be that the umbilical cord is around her neck, and when you're having the contractions it's making her heart rate drop. That's how it was with my son, he was in distress and they sent me to the hospital to have an emergency c section. I'm not trying to scare you, I promise lol. I would just go back and say that the contractions got bad again, did they do an ultrasound?

— Not yet I'm waiting till morning @hermommy

— did you call your doctor to see what he or she thinks