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So urgent post ladies a lady on my facebook took zofran and…

So urgent post ladies a lady on my facebook took zofran and her baby was born with horrible birth defects should I stop taking it now before it could possibly be to late or wait and speak with my dr


— I'm on Aetna better health though so do they cover it

— I'm taking diceligis it's helped me a lot ask your Dr about it

— I'm not gonna take it anymore until I talk to a dr that I know that came up with the cure for hepatitis C

— I would tell him to switch you ASAP...try diceligis....saved me my first trimester....better to not risk it girl.

— Oh no I'm sorry about your headaches! 😕 yeah I'd definitely give my Dr a call

— @abonneau, @kim5309 yeh he told me there wasn't any problem it could cause that was bad and before I found out I was pregnant I saw a recall and was like thank god I'm not pregnant now I'm pregnant and I've been taking it for about 5 weeks I know it's been giving me super bad headaches

— I'd stop taking it and speak to your Dr about a safer alternative

— Yes !!!! safest time to take it is in your third trimester...your doctor told you it was safe in your first?

— I took it every day sometimes 2 times a day with my son and he's perfect 😊😊 there are other alternatives now you can talk with your doc about

— I would stop is not worth the risk I'm so sick and my Dr suggested it but I refused it is rather suffer than put my child at risk

— Speak to your dr and switch it! I take promethazine and it does a great job!

— google it online mama