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How old should a baby be before they get their ears pierced…

How old should a baby be before they get their ears pierced?
I'm having a little boy by the way 😊 not looking for opinions on that note. I know some people have their ideals about gender and whatnot.


— @cubanese, I've definitely seen that. So if he does get irritated by them we'll take them out and if he wants them again when he's older, that's fine

— @mommyof20816, awww, so cute. Probably getting him his first hair cut his first birthday too

— @alexisj616, it was my husband's idea first and then I thought "why not" lol I think it's gonna be so cute. And if he ends up disliking them or there's an issue, we'll take them out

— @shorty02, @cubanese @wyatts_mommy_0106 @irishtwinmom13 @marienoelle @marienoelle @countrymama166 thank you ladies. I'll ask his or my doctor before we do anything.

— I'm getting my little boy's ears pierced too! glad I'm not the only one. my friend got her little boy's pierced his first birthday with a fresh hair cut and line up! he was soooo handsome!

— I was told 6 months by my doctor

— and if he is older and ends up hating them he can always take them out, it's not too big a deal. kind of one of those gender controversies like circumcision...when babies are babies, the parents make the decisions regarding their bodies. piercings obviously they can decide when they're older if they want but personally for ears I think it's safer to do when you can control the hygiene. just my opinion:)

— my mom waited til a few weeks, I think 8. I personally think around 3 months is perfect and the younger the better because they're not as aware of their earrings so he is less likely to tug or rip them out, you just gotta clean them twice a day and spin them a lot so they don't settle, but little babies are less preoccupied with them than toddlers or older and they won't remember the pain when they're little :)

— my best friends daughter had hers pierced at 3 months, however she started taking them out and putting them in her mouth then would go hand them to her mom and her mom would put them back in Not knowing she had them in her mouth. she had all kinds of infections. so after that my husband and I agreed we would let our daughter choose if she wants hers pierced or not.

— anytime after there 2 month shots

— My SO & I Want To Get My Son's Ears Pierced While He's A Baby Too! I Think It's Going To Be So Damn Cute.

— I heard about 3 months. I plan to get my girls ears pierced