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Is it normal to be 30 weeks and babies head is already down…

Is it normal to be 30 weeks and babies head is already down?
my friend has me freakin out that its too early, and ill go into labor early.


— My first daughter was head down when I was 20+ weeks she didn't come until 3 days after my due date.

— Yeah like @mommagotbump16 said, it doesn't necessarily mean preterm labor could be possible. My baby's been head down for a while now

— I'm 26 weeks and he has been head down since 20 weeks but you have me nervous now because last weekend I was in the hospital in pre term labor and they had to stop my contractions. I keep having a pep talk with him telling him I am demanding him to stay in there and not to argue with me.

— Completely normal, lol positioning has nothing to do with preterm labor. But it is good because baby is likely to stay in that position until delivery!

— yep!

— my oldest was head down my entire pregnancy

— I think it's normal don't let no body scared you my son is already head down at 33 weeks

— Yes! Mine has been head down since at least 28 @maliasmommy

— my son was head down very early and I had him at 42 weeks

— I think it's normal. My son is already head down!

— Okay, thank you! @navywifej

— yes its very normal!