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What are the best ways and positions to handle contraction …

What are the best ways and positions to handle contraction pain??? I really need some help ladies, I don't know how much longer I can take this!!!!!!


— It'll be over sooner then you know. I remember the feeling. Then next thing I knew I was in labor the next day and forgot all about the pain. Bless you momma :)

— @babykarter, good luck! And good luck when you go to the hospital!

— I wish I had a heating pad I back that would help slot but thanks I will try the pillow thing next!! @candacelouise

— Normally I am curled up in fetal position basically! Endometriosis is a killer! @babykarter a huge reason why I have loved being pregnant. Lol no periods!

— @babykarter, when I have bad period cramps I either use my hand or get a pillow and just put a ton of pressure on my lower abdomen! Like so much my hand falls asleep. Lol and a heating pad!

— Thank you ladies the dancing around and the warm showers is what have been helping the most... I'm just really ready for this to be over @babylanders @babyanthony24

— Yessss and they hurt so bad!!! @candacelouise I don't want to rush to labor and delivery bc if im not dilated to a 5 or more they will send me home

— Soak in a warm tub!!!!!!!

— Are you having lower abdominal contractions?@babykarter

— alot of women dance or stand up and bend over the bed and move side to side don't go to low tho