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I'm freakin starving but can't do anything cause im only fo…

I'm freakin starving but can't do anything cause im only four cm right now , come on Lil man anytime now (:


— the docs gave me witch hazel wipes they seem to help so far finally lol @jenn61115

— Witch hazel and tucks pads are going to be your best friends!!

— yep they said that to me yesterday and I got a freaking hemorrhoid I wanted to stop pushing cause my rectum was sore lmao @jenn61115

— Haha yea the amount of pressure from the baby and you pushing. When it's time to push they tell you to push like you have to poop.

— well I "heard" that was one of the reasons im sure theres several reasons for it @jenn61115

— It's not bc of pooping. Lots of people do that anyways.

— well the problem with that is my contractions started at ten last night and I havent ate since before then I tried to sleep but didnt go to bed till three in the morning woke up at five, seven, and eight this morning so I woke up my fiance and told him we need to go to the hospital asap cause it hurt so bad @gcpaschal

— I learned the hard way to eat up before I step foot in the hospital. I didn't have my baby yet but I was back and forth for monitoring. After that one day of being there and not eating for 11 hours..I go in full as hell lol.

— well dang :/ its so tempting but I guess I can wait I don't wanna risk anything just not in the best mood right now ughh @jenn61115

— oooh alright thank you for the heads up well I'm suppose to be delivering vaginally if everything continues to go good but dang girl I'm sorry :/ my fiance said it was cause of pooping while pushing -_- @xoxo512070

— I ate anyways. They induced me and I had breakfast before hand. They told me they encouraged women to eat for the simple fact it could be hours or days and they needed the strength.

— ohhh okay well she already said no :( lol urggg I'm only 4 cm at the moment @beckahhkathleen

— its because in case you need to have an emergency c-section your stomach needs to be empty, when I had my first I had an emergency c-section and because my stomach wasn't empty they gave me a liquid shot to clear everything and I literally threw up everywhere

— i was at a 6 when i ate something. but i would ask your doc first.

— were you like in actual labor when you got to eat ? cause if that's the case imma beg my fiance to go get me something to eat I get so ornary if I don't eat anything @beckahhkathleen