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Do any of you ladies know what is a good face cleaner or an…

Do any of you ladies know what is a good face cleaner or any good products to get rid of breakouts? I've been breaking out a lot since I've been pregnant and I never usually have this problem.... Ugh!! Help!!!! 😫😕☹️😔


— I've had horrible breakouts too, and all the stuff that normally works for me, didn't do anything at all. The only thing that has helped is washing 2-3 times a day with no soap, just cold water. Also making sure to change your pillowcase often helps too. Good luck girl!

— Bella B foaming face wash , they have it on Amazon

— however regular dove soap and water is the best to use I think

— i use morning burst from clean and clear.

— @karnamarie, oh okay ... All this time I was wondering why nothing was helping lol

— @showersoverflowers, thanks hun!

— It's a hormonal break out.. nothing is gonna help that. I had it most of my second pregnancy

— @babytj0214, yes they are super crazy! I've never experienced this with my other 2 pregnancies so it kinda has me freaked out. I will be 20 weeks on Sunday..

— @beenpretty1, I love it! I use the cleanser and their moisturizer. It leaves your face feeling baby smooth too. It is cheaper at Sam's club, if you have one of those.

— @candacelouise, I've heard so many good things about cetephil I may have to try it because I need something! I just don't want it to get worse.

— @beenpretty1, your hormones are crazy right now and the more u try to put cap on your face your going to breakout more. just do what u did before. wash face, put moisturizer twice a day.... it will go away how far along are you?

— Oh wow @babytj0214 this really sucks ... No wonder it's been getting worse I've been using proactive. Looks like I'll just have to tough it out, thank you!

— depending on your budget I really love dermalogica but also opt for Neutrogena beauty bar if I can't swing the other

— @beenpretty1, I use cetephil and love it! It's a very gentle cleanser! My doctor recommended it years ago and I haven't had problems since

— nothing. breakout it's common. the now you try to treat it the more is going to get worst. depends how far along are you, it will go away on its own