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my child's father want legitimate rights?? should I be grow…

my child's father want legitimate rights?? should I be grown about it ?? or feel some type of way cause im not the type to do anything crazy .. like taking him away from his child


— that would be for another jugde to decide. But in order for him to try for full custody he has to file a legitimation Act. Not only that he has to prove to the judge that you are a unfit mother witch will be hard but do able. But you as the mother can file for full custody before he files the act. @babybump20

— @sperdue22, can a father get full custody with legitimate rights ??

— @sperdue22, I just figured something else was up because he's pushing it saying it would be a joyful momemt.. I told him that moment should be when your child is born

— @sperdue22, I was talking to him and I was like so once you get the test you want some type of rights ? like trying to get custody or visitation right ??

— @babybump20,

— no that's not true..... the court does ask for paternity of the child because that's for the father to know. Court is only going to ask what you as the parents want and agreed on regarding the child. But he has to pay $200 I believe and then some for him to file. I know I went thro all of this with my so and his son mother and it was a battle and we still trying to fight it. Because he was taking care of him for 6 years because she left. and he is 8 now and we being trying to get him back. So that's y I say you have the upper hand. Make your demand to your lawyer. Because if he has his family in his ear you want to make sure that the court is on your side with what ever you and the father agree with and that keeps his parents opinion just that

— @sperdue22, he said that the paternity test is needed to have legitimate rights for his child ...

— @sperdue22, and that's what I said why fill for a paternity test if you want legitimate rights??

— @sperdue22, he wants a paternity test ?

— @babybump20,

— when a child is born in the state of Georgia the father of the child is not considered the father unless you are married or he file the act for a legitimation. But everything else to follows child support and so on and he can't file nothing unless he is legitimized

— actually if he file a legitimation Act that basically states in the state of Georgia that he is that child's father if he do not file for a legitimation he has no rights to that child at all in the state of Georgia. he can't make any decisions he can't take the child out of the state he can't do anything basically for the child but you as the mother have sole custody only of the child and you can determine what you want for the child that's why he wants to follow thro with legitimation act because he wants to have some type of say over his child. To me you have the upper hand if he don't. But be smart about whatever goes on. But it's best if he does file get a lawyer and tell him what you want from the father and he will make sure it happens.

— be grown or the courts will be grown for you. Lots of states are turning into daddy states and mommy's have little leg up

— If you all have joint custody and he's legitimized y'all basically have the same rights only difference would be where the child lives.

— Give it to him or he will can take you to court and get it. It's not about if you would do anything crazy it's about protecting himself. Y'all don't even need a lawyer if y'all can come up with an agreement and go get it notarized. I don't think you should feel some type of way but I can't tell you how to feel and I hope you don't take this the wrong way. And if y'all get joint custody idk if y'all are together or not but he can take the child out of town or what not when he has the child depending if he gets him every other weekend. Or whatever y'all come up with