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Ahh can't wait too meet Miss Hazel!!

Ahh can't wait too meet Miss Hazel!!


— @jorguss21 aww yaay!!! that is so cool!!!!

— That's crazy!! Our daughters are long lost twins!! @hailholla1412

— May 11😍😍💖💖

— may 31st!!!!

— May 4th! 32 days and counting!

— I'm due May 8th with a boy! Dominic William

— Due May 27th with a little boy

— ' I'm Due May 11 😍👶

— I'm Due May 15th 😍😍😍

— I am due the 31st but I think I will be luck to make it past the middle of the month

— awww omg im due may 25th too with a girl and im naming her Haizyl Rae!!! thats awesome!!!

— Awh yay! Yeah what days? I'm due the 25th! @jlspoores @snowbaby313

— I am due on Mothers Day! When is everyone else due????

— I'm due next month too :) I can't wait