Мамлайф — приложение для современных мам

Has anyone ever bought one of these or used one??

Has anyone ever bought one of these or used one??


— I had one for my daughter and I use it when I would go visit other people so I wouldn't have to lay her down on no one couch or bed

— Yesssss me too @michellevaldez4750

— That's where I got it from too @emkasting

— Yes I love these. I like having baby in bed with me :)

— I saw this at target last time I was there, I really wanna get it!

— I have one!! Can't wait to use it

— I've got a bassinet for when his daddy's home, and then that for when he's gone and I wanna enjoy the bed 😂

— awesome!!! king sized beds are life

— I have a crib I just doubt if I use right away @gcpaschal

— That was my thoughts I want her close as possible to me @gcpaschal

— I can tell I'm goin to need a bigger bed was thinkin on gettin a king so this will be my excuse @emily18234

— I don't want one because it's already crowded but I don't know if I can handle baby sleeping in her crib right now.

— we tried it in a smaller bed and we're both average sized, I'm 130 and he's just normal guy sized lol, and my fiance was hanging off the bed all night

— I think I like it @ositababy28 @ftm2babyc

— I see that now lol I only have a queen daddy has to go lol @emily18234