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since I can not put this on Facebook I'm going to rant here…

since I can not put this on Facebook I'm going to rant here. if your family member is going to jail for killing someone (ran over) going 80 in a 30 and just smoked pot and he was 17 at the time. and is just now getting a sentence of 90 days in jail here in town and 10 yrs. with a $2000 fine. he deserves to be there to get his punishment!!! I don't want to keep reading free my lil bro and all this bull shit when he did something wrong and should be where he's at now. he killed another teen who had a life ahead of them.


— yes, just pay the price for your actions. you committed a crime, illegally, because you were high and speeding and you TOOK A LIFE, your life should be over as well. 10 years is way too short in my opinion.

— @maandiii, the best thing you could do is tell them your disappointed and better themselves. definitely not say set them free and let them get away with it. nope. it any family of mine did it I'd tell them you deserve to be here because of what you did no get out of jail free card here

— @lilfree16, exactly

— preach! people need to suffer the consequences, and deal with the reality of the law and their actions. no matter who tf they may be. if my sister did that I would be embarassed, ashamed, disappointed etc but I would not be saying free her... let her do the time for being an idiot. it's about time people start fucking be held responsible for their actions and decisions. lawd.

— they need to add on more years! let them do their time

— @lilfree16, no matter if theyre are a good person you still do wrong rape kill ect in my opinion don't need to be freed they need to stay in jail for however long it is

— i hate that! one time I saw someone free whoever. the man was accused f raping i think a women or a child not sure.. but yeah i deleted that person from my fb.. he said he knew it was wrong but hes a good dude

— @kim5309, its just all over my Facebook #frelilbro. and I finally read it and was like NOPE he needs to be there

— @katlyn_wahl, understand...yea it's so ignorant when people act like their life is ruined when in fact they ruined someone's life. sorry you have to hear it girl.

— @dang_dridri, exactly they need to be punished not rewarded

— @kim5309, yeah just cause he's family or a good friend doesn't get him special treatment. he was a bad kid in middle and high school he honestly needs something like this to get him on track to a good life

— Yes girl! People like me "Free my cousin" when they're cousin robbed and killed an innocent old lady or something. It's like and why should they be freed exactly? 🤔

— agreed...I hate seeing posts like that..it's like no..they commited a crime and punishment is in effect..😑