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I'm so sorry if this is gross ladies but what the hell😢 it…

I'm so sorry if this is gross ladies but what the hell😢 it's been this way for the past 4 months I use Listerine 3 times a day, I floss 2 times a day, and brush 2 times a day😩😳 I've never had teeth or gum issues ever and I hate this i know it's because of pregnancy


— @ashley_abby20 they claim they can see pregnant women so I don't know

— @hermommy, Wow they suck ass dentists I went to the dentist every 2 months when I was prego bt damn hang in there you b better ....

— @ashley_abby20 it's pregnancy gingivitis just for off the phone with a 4th dentist and thy said they can't do anything it'll go away when I have her

— @hermommy, looks like gum disease or gingivitis call another dentist and go in if not your teeth will get so bad they'll take them out

— @shan548 I have no idea, but I'm irritated because it hurts my gums nor teeth have ever done with with how much I brush and floss I may end up having to go back to Texas for a cleaning I guess

— I have the same exact problem, it's highly annoying lol

— my ermommy, Wow that's crazy. I've been with both of my pregnancies and they have me come in more during then. I had that it was inflamed. My doctor said most likely food got under it and when the food was removed bacteria got under the skin. I'm 7 months and I've been to my doctor 3 times this pregnancy already for cleaning and fill ins. I had 3 fill ins with my first. My doctor doesn't use the gas which is what we can't be around maybe that's the issue.

— @mamabee I can't go back to a place I've been before:( I'm from Texas that's what the issue is

— @shan548 I don't have a set dentist, I'm not from Alabama origionally, but the dentist I have called said they cant see me because I'm pregnant but that's more than just inflamed gums most definitely my ob seems to prescribe everything else so maybe I'll get lucky and he can fix it

— @hermommy, that's strange they should still do cleanings for sure. They may not take X-rays and We don't usually do fillings in the first trimester. It may be if your a new patient go back to a place you've been before. 😘best of luck! That looks super uncomfortable

— It's an inflamed gum. While pregnant you are suppose to go to the dentist very often. It's easier to catch or have problems with your mouth so just call you dentist. Your OB Doctor can't do anything about that.

— @raegenice I can't catch a break😂😂 but your 100% correct

— @hermommy, okay, keep us updated. Ugh, gotta love pregnancy lol

— @mommy2b558 they won't schedule me because I'm pregnant I've tried :/

— I'd go to dentist