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I'm very sad right now... I don't know why, I started cryi…

I'm very sad right now... I don't know why, I started crying out of nowhere and I feel like doing it again... I have a feeling that I'm doubting things... 😭


— Yeah I know, and thank you, and I definitely will!!! @mommastone

— Yeah I read your profile. Sorry for the loss. :( It is hard to not listen to your peers. This will transform you into a strong women if you let it! :) I wish you luck and message me anytime if you need to talk. I'll be here 👍🏻

— @mommastone,

— Thank you very much, and no it's not my first, I have 2 babies in heaven 😪 but that's okay. and yes, I've just learned to relax and enjoy life and not listen to all the bs that people say to me for being a young mom. 😌😍👌

— I read your profile. You're a youngen, but you got this! This will be a long, challenging road, but it's all worth it. I say being a mom is great! You have so much to offer this little one. And find something that makes you happy. Hobby, friends. Mommy is happy, baby is happy. :)

— Is this your first?

— @mommastone, thank you. And yeah, you're right it does help

— You're hormones are all wack. You'll be okay Hun! Watch a comedy. That's what helped me in the early weeks. Most times. ;)