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I get this sharp stabbing pain in my chest like right under…

I get this sharp stabbing pain in my chest like right underneath my left boob that happens only when I'm laying in bed on my side...I went to the doctor to get it checked out and they said it's probably just heartburn and told me to take tums, but I've never had heartburn feel like that. It literally feels like something stabbing me in the chest. Does anybody else have this?


— Maybe ask them about a d dimer test. Not trying to freak you out but it's more common to have blood clots while pregnant. Maybe just tell them you don't feel like it's from heartburn and that you wanna do further testing !

— Tylenol and a heating pad. It feels like the air is getting caught in my lungs and hurts soooo bad to exhale I can hardly stand it sometimes!

— I'm still just a little paranoid about it lol I had bronchitis years ago...I'm not sure it was severe enough to cause this kind of discomfort during my pregnancy. Tums haven't helped the pain either and it keeps me up all night :/ is there something you take to help with yours?? @theemmariefactor

— Have you ever have pneumonia or a really bad chest infection? I get that same pain but it's from scar tissue left over from pneumonia. I swear if you're pregnant they'll tell you anything is heartburn 🙄