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None of my bras fit and I want to buy Victoria Secret because they r comfortable.....
but won't be able to use it in a few months
cuz my Boobs.... are going to be enormous....
should I buy some bras now cuz I really need some.... or wait.....

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— Maybe buy at least one?

— i just got some cheap ones to last me a little from walmart...went from B to D and starting to need to change up again. i wouldnt spend crazy money on one tho that in a few months will be useless.. $5 or $10 tops

— my boobs r still small and hurt like hell. i dnt think they gonna get bigger

— Target! I went from a small C cup to DD! My boobs are always sore! Their nursing bras are amazing! The best support I've had!

— @ab, @abelsmama @jasmommy @krstokes2016 thanks girls but I hate cheap bras they aren't comfortable..... I might buy 1 or 2 thanks !!!!

— target doesn't carry my size, my bf always says something when I say let's look at bras. he says "they don't fit you, let's go" lol