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I'm 28 weeks and have been really busy all day. I haven't really noticed if the baby has moved or not. the last hour I laid on my left side, chugged an orange juice and ate, and no movement. is this normal? I also poked and pushed her around and had my husband blow on my belly. nothing.

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— Don't worry too much. Just keep watching and trying to feel for her. I'm 29 weeks, and sometimes my baby will go a few hours with less movement than normal, and then she'll pick back up later. We just entered the third trimester, try not to worry too much! If you are that worried, call your OB's office and just check up with them. :)

— I called them, they said come in immediatley.

— I would go in for sure. No movement isn't a good thing but I'm praying for you!

— thank you

— whenever I was really busy my daughter fell asleep and hardly moved! She got into a routine of only moving at night time!!! prayers headed your way!

— I only feel my daughter move when I'm laying flat on my back but no movement at all I wouldn't wait another min go yo the hospital noe girl

— She's probably asleep my little one won't move until she's good and ready! It freaks me out!

— The movement rocks them to sleep! If you lay still for a while she should probably start moving. But going to the hospital won't hurt.

— they said she is fine!