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I've just hit the 20w mark in my pregnancy.. How do you all keep your shit together until your due date I feel like I've been pregnant forever and I have so far to go 😩

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— It's hard it gets rough sometime but listen to music run a nice bath with candles do ya fac things u like to do

— fav

— finding things to look forward to. like advancements in appts from once a month to every 2 weeks to once a week (:

— That is exciting!!! When do the biweekly ones start??

— First pregnancy? My first felt like a year!! second flew by. I started biweekly appointments at 27 weeks. It makes everything fly by. Then you get to the last few weeks...which feel like the longest lol

— also idk if you know but when you comment back to someone on your post you have to tag them by using the @ button and their name. like @kayla252