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...a little gift for Ajani from

...a little gift for Ajani from our OB/GYN & staff. They also got him some little storage baskets to coordinate the elephant theme. IDK why they are so kind to us. The doc, the nurses, even the receptionists signed his little card. Originally when they asked about gifts I made them promise to donate some stuff to the NICU. (We have enough for a comfortable start, so we wanted to share that blessing.) I'm really humbled to know people care so much. They're not required to, but they chose to, and it made me cry a little. 💖💖💖

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— omg where you gets these my theme is gray and white with elephants!!!!!!!! because that's my favorite animal

— They found them in a TJMaxx. At least, that's the bag lol @noemysmom