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Got my breast pump today! Ameda Purely Yours double electric :) I love it, thank you insurance.

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— when did you order yours? I can't order mine for another week and I'm worried I won't have it by the time it's time to have him

— I wasn't able to order mine until I was 35 weeks. and they actually messed up my order I got it later than I should but after they place it. only takes up to 3 to 5 business days. I was worried I wouldn't get mine in time either but luckily I did :) @ehamp86

— Oh ok, that's not bad@bigkitty0813

— no it wasn't, I thought it would be a long wait just because mine was through Medicaid so it surprised me @ehamp86 good luck to you! :)

— Oh ok, mines is though BCBS and thank God is coveted because nothing had really been covered so far

— I had that option too due to having my dads insurance :) congratulations. do you know what kind you have?