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Just curious of how many Momma's co sleep? Lol Lynlee hasn't been back in her bassinet since she was about 2 weeks. She will not sleep in that thing. She has to have mommy & daddy at night.

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— I switch back and forth. sometimes she won't sleep unless I'm holding her. sometimes she does just fine in her bassinet.

— I've Co slept with all 3 of mine....

— I do but I really hate it ... It scares me and worries me but he won't sleep good unless he's next to me . It's only me and him in bed , hubbys on a diff bed but still I don't like it trying to train him to sleep on his own I didn't have this problem with my first born ( he wasn't breastfed - this baby is )

— We Co slept for 5 months now my daughter sleeps in her bassinet

— I do. Only way she'll sleep.

— Only way Morgan will sleep. He's in the bed with his dad and me. We got a rail to keep him from falling off the side too to ease my mind.