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I don't know if this okay but I made a you caring page to help us raise money but I need other opinion to make sure it sounds okay and people won't think it's a scam... I personally think it's good but everyone judges some how... Please I would love feed back
I posted it to Facebook for me and I had family freak out and tell me I've lost my mind. Anyone else have family who feel this way when you tell them your ttc...

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— Yea! I'm really worried to tell my family and my fiancé's family that we are TTC. But you just have to focus on you and your partner and what will make you happy and do it together!! It will all work out in the end

— See we keep trying to think that but with us not financially able to pay for treatments I made this think family might want to help even just a little. Well my dad told me I've lost my ever loving mind for it and to take it down immediately.... But we keep putting ourselves and our wants first.