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I am so ready to have xaiden... so I got some castor oil.... what do I drink with it???????

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— Castor oil is a huge no-no. Please don't try that method.

— @dontberidiculous, okayyy thank u

— castor oil will make u have a terrible bowel movement, it was an old remedy that old folks thought would bring on labor from the constant BM and sometimes forcing. it's not recommended

— If the baby isn't coming, he's not ready and 'forcing' it could be detrimental. I know how hard the last little bit is, but it's super important! Hang in there honey, before you know it you'll be holding him and won't even be thinking about these last few days/weeks.

— Smh... Definitely NOT a good idea....

— @bella91, @dontberidiculous @hellokarly thank u guys I'm about to stop listening to the internet

— I'm glad you said something. Try some natural ways like walking, dancing or bouncing on a ball. Just know that baby will come when baby is ready.