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Pregnancy has worn most of us out and I understand the impatience of waiting on our sweet babies to be here, but I just saw my friend post about having less than 2 months left and she is barely 28 weeks.. Hate to break it to her but that would mean she's got atleast 11-12 weeks left... Embrace it, don't rush it. Our babies need all the time they can to develop and grow.

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— I delivered at 29 weeks && that was 2 1/2 months early.. She still has lots of time to enjoy her pregnancy!

— Yeah, exactly!

— @kimberlyyyy,

— Maybe she just sucks at pregnancy math. Lol

— I'm not trying to rush anything and I know I have nearly two months left. I can't wait any longer but I know I can and I have to 'cause I'd rather have her a full healthy grown baby than have to struggle with any more hospital visits. If she's a first time, such as me the excitement is real 🙃

— I would post up the chart lol so she can see lol

— @mtb2016 girl I'm a FTM too and I'm beyond excited, but I know I gotta do my time and when baby is ready he'll be here 😊

— I'll be 29 weeks Tuesday but they plan on taking my baby early bc of his size.. I hope not I want my baby to be healthy nd come on his due date march 8

— @maggie_2016, post it girl sum ppl still confused

— lol

— Aw, is he measuring bigger? @jaquanandbrysonsmommy

— @babyjjsmommy, yes he is and I'm a very small girl I was 80 when I got pregnant now I'm at 115-116

— Oh wow you are tiny! Mine has measured bigger on every ultrasound but I haven't had a diagnostic u/s since 25 weeks so I have no idea how big he is, she just half ass measures my belly and says everything is good. @jaquanandbrysonsmommy