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I'm 20 weeks and 6 days. It's really difficult to sleep at night.. I know I can't sleep on my back or stomach without getting uncomfortable, so I sleep on my sides. Now I have this problem where my entire side ( left or right) goes completely numb.. It's frustrating because I'm a full time waitress and I lose almost all my sleep due to my sides going numb. Anyone with the same issue or is something wrong??

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— Have you tried slightly tilting to be on like the corner of your belly? Or pillows in front to lean on

— pillow between your legs and under your stomach sounds like your pinching a nerve in your lower back

— its ur sciatica nerve...

— @mimiz, @adriannasmomy I sleep with a pillow in between my legs and a body pillow but my sides still goes numb.. Because of my pre weight being 120, the doctor said there would be a lot of pressure on my lower back.. She said I should try physical therapy if anything but I didn't think it was that serious

— @babiio1, how serious is that?

— its not serious i had the same thing. try sleeping in a recliner for a couple days

— I have sciatica and it gets so bad sometimes I try every position eventually I get so emotional I fall asleep nothing works

— @mimiz, there's no treatment? I'm afraid something could happen to my daughter if I continue to lay on my sides.. I always slept on my stomach or my left side but now it's getting really hard.

— @adriannasmomy, sadly i don't have a recliner

— Nothing will happen they actually recommend your sides to sleep after a while I take Tylenol to actually get relief temporarily it helps most nights then I sleep half on my tummy only if I feel comfortable I'll put my leg out bended like a frog and place a pillow under

— @mimiz, i do the same thing with my leg, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I also tried to sleep on my stomach a little but then I get paranoid that i'm hurting her so I'll immediately turn to my side

— No Hun she's in a sac she doesn't feel a thing lol I'm obese and I do it I mean I have cushion but that means nothing imagine she won't have so much space in time you're ok

— @mimiz, okay, thanks so much! :)

— Your welcome ☺️

— i mean it hurts but there is NOTHING you can do about it...I've been to the doctor about it. they said the baby is Just postioned (sitting) on ur nerve..

— Thats why im usually up flooding ya timeline... my leg side is tripping lol...feel better

— @babiio1, lol not a problem ! I just tried to take a nap since I was up since 7am. Now I feel all this pain in my side.. Ugh

— @babiio1, i wanna lay on my back so badly