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40+ weeks like/comment so I could see I'm not alone :(

40+ weeks like/comment so I could see I'm not alone :(


— @nicole_jude, I was loosing my plug starting at 30 weeks from time to time and I lost huge pieces last weekend so I was excited that I'm about to go into labor and again - nothing. I think it's just harder to wait the closer we are to having our babies. Baby won't stay inside so we've got to relax somehow and enjoy ..

— As of right now, YES @stacy_! I feel like I've been having crazy contractions the last few days and maybe even some plug loss and STILL nothing ever progresses 😖😖

— @nicole_jude, do you have a feeling like you're going to be pregnant forever ? Lol

— 🙋🏼🙋🏼 40+2

— @bashsmommy1115, it helps me to read books about babies or about anything else . Shopping also helps))

— @stacy_, today is the first day I decided not to do anything lol idk what else to do...

— @babybump3, maybe baby need just a little bit more time. Try to distract yourself by doing something. I feel so stupid sitting here everyday and waiting for a baby. I could've done so many things instead of waiting :(

— @jmcmillion, oh, sorry to hear that. I hope she'll come before the induction date. Try to walk and do some natural labor induction. It's not like this for me, I feel great, I even go to the gym every day and baby is just the right size .i should complain, but I worry about everything since this is my first baby

— @bashsmommy1115 thank you !:)

— Im Not having signs of labor either...think Im gona go over my due date😱😖😖😖😖

— I'm being induced Sunday. I hope she comes before hand but at that point I will be 41 + 2/3(not doing math) and my body is so tore up and I can barely get out of bed so I feel like it will be best for us both. And she measures great size. So if she doesn't come this week I will allow them to induce me. I hope for a natural labor though

— @stacy_, well I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

— @bashsmommy1115, I'm pretty sure you can say no . I'm planning to wait until 42 weeks if baby decide to stay in there that long and after that I'll probably give up, since after 42 there are some risks of complications. I have an appointment today and I'm hoping for a good news .. 😣

— @stacy_, I don't wanna be induced either 😣 but my dr is planning to set a date for next Friday or Saturday at my next appointment if I make it and I pray I don't lol

— @jmcmillion, are you going to be induced ? If so, when? I really don't want to :(