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Ok I'm at the doctor!!! Let's see how this goes. It's my 37…

Ok I'm at the doctor!!! Let's see how this goes. It's my 37 week check up what all will they do? Im hoping the check my cervix since I've been having soooo many contractions lately


— shoot I'd be like well I'm here now and I would like to know lol @brayleighsmommy121615

— Yes I hate it when thy say dumb stuff like that..I just say "I'm here at the doctor for a reason and one of them is for you to check me so I can go home peacefully "nor check me that's why in here"

— @mumof2, lol I've tried and tried and tried lol and they always check my stomach, measurements and the heart beat I wanna know if I'm dilated anymore

— I got checked at my appointment yesterday and I'm 36 weeks and they also scheduled my last ultrasound.

— they should be checking your stomach baby's heart an measuring your stomach.

— well I complained about baby being breeched so I didn't take no for an answer lol

— @mumof2, they won't give me another ultrasound to save my dang life lol

— @jazmin805, @katorismommy oh I will lol I just hope she's not like n owe do that next time or some bs I wanna know lol

— they didn't do anything for me but listen to baby and I asked them to schedule a ultrasound

— If they don't by any chance ask them to check it

— ask them to and they should ☺