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TMI: I poop so much now!! oh my. I'm always going to the ba…

TMI: I poop so much now!! oh my. I'm always going to the bathroom to pee and poop. hopefully it's my body cleansing itself


— Lmbo @_rileysmommy I didn't care wen the time came haha I had like 10 people in the room haha and I didn't even know I pooped haha

— i was doing the same thing an when that started i dialated 1cm at 35 weeks 2cm at 37weeks and that same week i went into labor .

— I understand that. :)

— I just don't want my mom and her friends to see that lol. @39surp

— They were great though. They clean you up so fast to make sure it doesn't get to baby as giving birth. The nurse was like it happens allll the time lol

— ahhh...I'm terrified lol @39surp

— I'm going to eat very light the few weeks before

— I really don't want to poop on the table lol. my mom and her friends are the ones delivering my baby (she's head L&D nurse) and I don't want them to see that ahah @vondab490

— That actually happened to me while giving birth! My Son weighed 9 lbs 3 oz and was pushing against all that so bad I couldn't control it! I was soooo embarrassed 😳

— @_rileysmommy, girl I poop all day long lol I hate it. And wen I had my son last year like a whole hour before I gave birth I kept sayin I had to use the bathroom but wen I would go in there i wouldn't poop. Then while I was pushin him out...out came everything! Lol it'll b alright. It's normal...kinda lol

— thank god! my biggest fear is pooping while giving birth lol I hope I'm all pooped out by then 😂😂

— its very normal. I'm 39 weeks and 2 days and I still do it. your body is cleaning itself for when you go into labor.