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I've already gained 50 lbs with this pregnancy - it's causi…

I've already gained 50 lbs with this pregnancy - it's causing me to freak out and stress. I'm noticing lots of cellulite on my thighs and butt. Does it go away? Wtf I know I get my baby girl but I can't help but feel so down about this 😔


— @jstncrazy2 oh and I didn't breastfeed by the way.. I did the first 2-3 days..

— @kmunoz, thanks, you too!! 🙏🙏🙏

— I went from a size 3 to a 6 because all of it went to my butt, seems true so far to me this lady I worked with got huggge with a baby boy and the rest of us were having girls and were 'little'.. I'm sure you wont have any issues!

— @kmunoz, and yes! When I first noticed the cellulite and gain in my legs, I cried! But I'm determined to lose after I deliver!! Haha

— @kmunoz, I heard you gain all over with girls and the weight is all in your tummy for a boy.. Maybe an old wives tale but seems true with most of my preggie friends here

— I didn't even notice it for awhile, I was so upset when I saw them! hopefully all my weight goes to only my belly this time! lol

— Right there with you on the 50 pounds ... ☹

— @kmunoz, thanks! That makes me feel better.. I get so nervous about it and I'm so impatient right now lol

— I got cellulite and stretch marks bad on my butt/thighs and it's pretty much all gone and what you can see isn't noticeable at all. I also didn't use anything lotion wise so I wouldn't worry!(:

— @ngujen, oh wow that's great! I hope I do the same. I def plan to breastfeed too so hopefully that will burn some fat

— I gained 65 and lost 30 within two weeks after the baby..

— if you tone it, it will go away!! some people always have it...but it sounds like you didnt before.

— Woops

— I'm good with losing weight I'm just nervous the cellulite won't go away miss @isa238375 @rebtastic

— im on my way there ...my thighs have more dimples than golf ball. 😭 id like to think general weight loss and squats will help post delivery.