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I don't understand... I haven't had my period sense Septemb…

I don't understand... I haven't had my period sense September.. I knew I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up but I did anyway:c what's going on with me ..


— Will do ladies.. Thank you @awayne @williamsbaby2016 @floress_j @mariahkillen @faithmommy @mrs.medrano

— blood test

— I agree with getting a blood test done.

— Yes try to go in tomorrow.. you'll get the results the same day.

— Maybe get blood work my home tests showed up negative the whole pregnancy

— still go see your doctor sweetie because u say since September then u can be pregnant. home pregnancy test are not always accurate.

— Oh hun don't feel discourage maybe you should go get some blood work

— I did @sugarbear4191

— do a test early in the morning on ur first pee of the day it's better

— thank you @floress_j I'll have to get to my doctor I suppose:(

— Some ladies have very low hcg hormone for a home pregnancy test to detect. I think you should get a blood test done. You haven't had a period since September.. there's still a possibility that you may be pregnant.