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it's getting exhausting just to sleep wtf!!!!! isn't sleep …

it's getting exhausting just to sleep wtf!!!!! isn't sleep supposed to be to gain energy and relaxation? but instead I'm tossing and turning all night getting headaches and having to pee all dam night. I hate being pregnant. I'm not doing this ever again. and every one else is just chilling. then today bf has the nerve to tell me to go to dam grocery store and cook breakfast excuse my language ladies but fuck you I'm really really really really exhausted and can't take it anymore better believe I am co parenting with this dude you letting me sleep while you feed and change baby for night shift


— ❤❤❤❤❤💃💃💃

— @babycasey,

— awww thanks that's why you my sister from another mister lol :-)

— oh no not at all mama! you're a young yummy 😂😂😂😂

— yeah and younger too so I'm young and dumb right boo??? lol @babycasey

— lmao nicer than my hot headed ass!!

— shut up snow haha I am so not too nice haha @babycasey

— @mumof2, you are too nice😉😉😉 lol

— @kazori, lol yeah she loves me, and her hubs does all the cooking and laundry so she always tells me I do to much for mine 😂😂😂

— my mil don't live here but I'm just too nice @babycasey

— Perfect @bsbycasey that's cool that you have someone to back you up

— I'd punch hubs if he told me up her up and cook lol it should be appreciated not expected! but then again, my mil tells me he can feed himself lmao

— I'm getting to the point of it being hard to sleep. 😧 And it burns my socks to see my hubby or the kids snoozing oh so peacefully while I'm flipping around like a fish. 😂

— PS and my kitchen is a mess like I'm living with barbarians like wtf yo I'm going to lose it before baby gets here