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any moms to be recovering addicts??

any moms to be recovering addicts??


— @wrd2016, no problem!! U hope you get n stay healthy😘🙌🏼

— thank you ❤

— that's all you can do, you're very welcome. congratulations to you as well. 💜

— yes, even though I don't have any desire to use, it's still hard to think back on.. I just remind myself to take it one day at a time... thank you! @maybaby2016

— its still a struggle everyday sober or not. if you ever want to talk I am willing. Im in no place to judge. I understand.

— I'm already on medicine I just wanted to ask so I could talk with a momma going through what I am, I have questions.. but thank you @maybaby2016 congrats on your clean time! @mluvs7 thank you

— wake up call*

— not me. I got sober from drugs about 7 months before pregnancy and about 2 months before from alcohol. I had a very scary wake up so I then took the necessary steps needed for myself. I don't know of anything you can take during pregnancy, maybe ask your doctor

— yeah they can give you subutex as well,

— @wrd2016, cool !!! Valentines babies ❤️😍

— @wrd2016, I know they give pregnant women methadone, cause i see them at the clinic when I take my husband

— @mluvs7, we are due the same time!!!

— @mluvs7, @maybaby2016 I asked about moms that are recovering bc I'm curious if anyone got help from medicine while pregnant...

— yes ma'am right here

— My husband