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hes frustrated cause sex is NOT on my to-do list.... sorry …

hes frustrated cause sex is NOT on my to-do list.... sorry babe really... but eww.. PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE ASS AND TITS...lbvs


— once in a blue moon area lol

— lol ya thats just special occasion area lol

— i forget to breath lhh @february2016

— im not tough enough @february2016 call me a punk Thats only an out hole for this chick lol

— lol I've done that a couple times it hurts too much so it's like ugh hell no not again

— LOL right?? LOL @babiio1

— we ALL know that's BS lol @february2016 @momma588

— hahaha yea. hubby has always wanted too put it where the sun down shine. and I'm like HELL NO lol. I said would you like it if I put something up your ass? lol she said no. and I said well I don't want that either. lol men are so weird lol. @babiio1

— lmao!

— yea i dont want to do that either lol... its like saying let me just put the head in...yea right @momma588 @february2016

— lol yea I feel bad too. but there are other ways you can please him 😉
I'm scared if I have sex. that my ligament pains will happen. and that it's gonna hurt extremely bad. it already hurts as it is. @babiio1

— lmao I love sex this pregnancy lol we usually have sex bout every 2 or 3 days lol but sometimes its a week lol but with my other 3 no freaking way. lol

— i truly feel bad but im just not feeling it... but he has to know its not intentional because its ALWAYS me like taking it lol im really a horn dog..just not now @momma588

— lmbo. I haven't gave my hubby sex I'm like 2 months or more. lol