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How Do You Mothers Feel About Co- Sleeping With A Newborn B…

How Do You Mothers Feel About Co- Sleeping With A Newborn Baby?


— I share a bedroom with my 2 year old right now til I get her bed set up and then she going into the room with her sister. and the baby going into the crib in our room so im all for the co sleep til there 2 in our room and she was in there from day one♡♡♡

— did it and still doing and love it! I'm sure she does to ! as well as daddy :)

— we Co sleep but lately we've been bed sharing. my bf doesn't want to bed share but I keep falling asleep feeding her but thankfully she doesn't care if she's in bed or in her crib normally.

— :)

— I plan to cosleep at around 5-6 months. Until then, I got the Halo Swivel Sleeper!

— Co-slept with both my kiddos. Easier if you plan on breast feeding for sure. I really don't see the harm I guess. Both of mine could independently sleep in cribs at daycare and whatnot- they didn't depend on me too much

— I think I will do a little bit of both.

— I plan to side car babies crib like this. I will be BFing and plan to co sleep.

— the first 2 weeks the baby wouldn't have it any other way and she was just too tiny for me to leave her alone. so I barely slept but a few hours but I don't move much. then I began putting her on the bassinet next to me. ..she did NOT LIKE THAT. but I'm a firm believer children (including babies) should not Co sleep with us. it takes away from the parents privacy and makes them too dependable on you. remember we love our children however we don't want to create a barrier between daddy and us. and believe it or not when we put the baby on the bed ...spouses are pushed aside! it took 1 week of being persistent before she felt comfortable on her own. (of course right beside me)

— I only did it all night the first couple of nights home but I still take naps with him and stuff.

— @deiona_mom2b16, it comes inside a travel bag like the portable chairs you buy so you can take it with you if need be. You can also buy a mesh cover attachment if you were to set it up at the park to keep flys etc out.

— amazon has it for 147.00 but mine was a gift. @deiona_mom2b16

— I have done it since my baby was born....I still do she's 10 months

— how much does it cost @cameronjamarsmommy2016

— baby wont be sleeping with my husband and I but we have this co-sleeper that attaches to the side of the bed so he's close