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— Theresas daughter (me) is my daughters mother (me)

— Its def c

— You're right @maybaby2016

— the answer is c. I am Teresa's daughter

— yes but how can you be Teresa's mother and Teresa's daughter? lol, I think I'm just confusing myself! 😅 @bamamommy

— YOUR daughters mother is yourself lol

— My Daughters mother = me. Theresa's daughter is me. So im theresa's daughter..... I think lol

— I wrote it down bahahaha

— lol its too much for my brain @bamamommy I've said over n over n get more n more confused

— btw it took me a good 5 minutes to figure it out lmao

— its e!! she says MY daughters mother. she is Teresa

— This has me aggravated lol

— Ok. I got it! lol where's husband. Teresa's daughter is My daughter's mother. Right?😂

— lmao I really don't even know the answer myself lol

— my pregnant brain can't handle this lol