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I totally got catfished lol #fakeprofile

I totally got catfished lol


— @caydensmommy, yeah, it's made me reconsider posting pics of my daughter when she's born... there's just too many weirdos on the Internet

— That's crazy! I think I'm gonna quit posting pictures of my son. There seems to be a lot more fakes on here now @levleah

— @caydensmommy, oh yes, girl... her story wound up be craaaazzzy, too. The pics she was posting of the baby turned out to actually be her sister in law's baby.

— @levleah, she was fake? I always thought something was weird .. but never guessed it. Lol

— Lol wow

— lol thats funny i wouldnt of caught it if i would have seen it. lol

— @mariahs_mama @shortiebs I have no clue I was the only one to comment, she said she was about to have her twin girls and was 42wks along... I thought it was weird carrying twins that far I didn't know of a doctor that would allow that lol but I congratulated her anyways

— Oh geez. How did they find out?

— i always miss the fake ones. igs im really that gullible lol

— @levleah woooow that's crazy 😱

— lol girl I talked to that one preggie @katemeier or @pjsmommy since I joined preggie only to realize she was a fake (well, her baby was anyway)

— oh goodness they was one just the other day.creepy 😨

— @tylersbaby30 fake profile

— oh no! 😱