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This is my little angel-nephew Tristen. He ascended Saturda…

This is my little angel-nephew Tristen. He ascended Saturday morning. (It's too hard to say he "died"...I'm not ready.) This week has been a VERY hard week and it's only Wednesday. 😢


— He was such a little angel. Perfect newborn, if there's such a thing? Despite the hydranencephaly he fed well, slept well, even seemed aware! His soothing thing was Caillou. (They told us he wouldn't.) We appreciate every prayer, every thought, everything.

— @tayek, and to read he was well cooked and overdue. Now I see why some women want to be induced earlier. I'm beside myself with this loss and I don't know you guys. Urgggg sucks. That's your angel baby aka nephew

— @tayek, oh boy. Was about to say he's so cute and alert until I read your post. This breaks my heart to pieces. How can a mother move on from this. Good god. Words can't express my sincere condolences to your sis in this difficult time. You're never out of the clear. He looks healthy and all. I'm soooooo sorry my dear. Prayers is all I can offer you now.

— Praying for your family.

— so sorry .. praying for mom, dad and loved one's. 👼💙🙏

— What a beautiful angel heaven has gained. God has a plan for this baby. Prayers and thoughts are with your family.

— So sorry

— Thanks for your prayers and warm wishes. We need all we can get, especially his mom and dad.

— Hydranencephaly. He was born at 41 weeks and 3 days (or 4). He had an operation to place a shunt (to drain that fluid off) & he suffered a seizure. He never regained consciousness.

— sorry for your lost

— was he premature

— how did it happened

— So sorry for your loss!!

— @tayek, what a handsome baby i am so sorry for your loss hun prayers to you & your family 🙏🏻

— So sorry for your loss 😢