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still trying to process everything...... as some know I dialated all the way to what I thought was 10 cm, turns out I only made it to 9 cm because of the lip of cervix was keeping it from dilating to the 10..... well after trying to push and move the lip we had no luck, then my son would drop down then go back up, he did this for about 3 hours, then the Dr came in, I wasn't progressing the way I needed to because my son was now stressed so his heart rate kept dropping, at 9 am yesterday morning they decided to do an emergency c-section because he wasn't dropping and was stressing out.
I had my beautiful baby boy Benjamin at 9:40 am weighing 7 lbs 11 oz, 19 1/2 inches long, the day before his dad's birthday, I heard him cry and while they closed me up I saw him, I unfortunately wasn't able to hold him until 10 pm last night because since I had GD during pregnancy, they tested his blood sugar and it was low, it has since improved just hopefully we'll know how much today.
I get to remove the band-aid(s) today and was able to stand and move a little yesterday let's hope that continues!!!


— thank you @2ndprincess

— Congrats

— oh my goodness! that sounds terrifying, I would have been freaking out, guess you arent prepared for an emergency c-section ever, which is a scary thing on its own @princessvictoria

— yes It's normal i did it slowly and with help the first few times then after that I did it in my own ..this was my first csection I had my 3 boys vaginally and it's a whole different story .. my body was in shock for like 2 days I was really scared I had an emergency csection so I wasn't expecting it I had just turned 36 weeks

— I feel like I have to relearn how to walk and just move in general, is that normal? @princessvictoria

— yeah those they take off once u start walking and they would give me ibuprofen and narco but the nurse started with pain meds threw the iv and she said just to call before so it won't wear off ...and make sure u pee as soon as u feel u have to go because that will make ur cut Hurt if u dont..and have whoever is with h pick u up from your back don't try to pull because lort that hurts ..

— I'm going to. I'm agitated though because the blood pressure cuff things they put on your legs to prevent blood clots while you lay down, makes my incision hurt every time they puff up (that's the only time it's been hurting) and it's sooooo irritating and the pain meds they put me on temporarily isn't doing anything :/ but he's here so I'm happy!!! and thank you!! hopefully they give me medication that works soon lol @princessvictoria

— congratulations his a cutie. .hope you all keeping doing fine and get to go home soon. ....oh and ask for your pain meds before it's time so they won't wear off.. and try to walk as much as possible...

— thank you @jhordan23 he is my miracle!!!

— Congratulations!