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Blood pressure is 140/85 and I feel soooo weird like I'm go…

Blood pressure is 140/85 and I feel soooo weird like I'm going to pass out. I am supposed to go to the hospital in like 9 hours for my c section. Should I go now because of this or just try to rest while I can. Maybe it's nerves?


— Thank God for that. Lol. :)

— @mamashane89, yeah they said it would be Super Fast.

— Yeah that is what I remember. I don't believe it was an epidural that I got with Aiden. Cuz I don't remember them leaving anything in that time either. But at least it's quick. If I remember correctly, the shot part was all over in less than 2 minutes

— But they numb it all first.

— @mamashane89, yeah but unlike an epidural it is just a shot and then it's out. Nothing stays in. And apparently it's supposed to be stronger? I've never had epithet but that's what the dr told me.

— Oh wait, you said spinal anesthesia. I guess that is a yes then. Haha.

— Oh okay. Is it still a needle in the spine though? Ughh, I hate needles. Lol

— I wouldn't suggest eating anything just in case they do want you to be NPO (nothing my mouth) except for some fluids. It varies from Doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital. Your BP is slightly elevated but it could be due to nerves. If the feeling gets worse or you develop other symptoms I would go in. Good luck with everything!

— @mamashane89, yikes! They do spinal Anastasia now and not an epidural for c sections. And I can eat until 1:30 but I ate like 2 hours ago

— For are call them. And see what they tell you. Hope everything goes well.

— I legit had the same problem only I'm only 11 weeks and this is what @sarahmccormic told me

— Have you eaten anything? I can't remember if you are allowed to eat when you are getting a c-section. But if not, maybe try some crackers or something light. And it definitely could be nerves. I have been having nightmares about the epidural for my c-section because I remember how bad it hurt when I had my son. But that was almost 9 years ago so I am hoping they have made advancements in the process so it maybe won't be as bad.

— I would go in with your blood pressure being elevated like that.

— try to call maybe first