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how true is the saying if you have a lot of heartburn durin…

how true is the saying if you have a lot of heartburn during pregnancy baby will have a full head of hair. was that true or not true for any yu ladies ?


— omg I had heartburn with all mine and they had full full heads of hair definitely and a bit on there body's lol

— ohh thanks for your responses ladies I haven't really had any heartburn so far I'm worried my baby will be bald 😂😂 @aimeewhitt @stephhhx3 @jcblake11 @sarahemccormick @jonellh @barbie22 @ariellesmommy

— i had zero heartburn and my girl had a full head of hair

— I didn't have heartburn and my baby came out with a head full of hair

— It did for me my boy was born with full dark hair

— Both my babies had barely any hair and I had terrible heartburn lol

— It was very true for all four of my babies, and Im 17 weeks and experiencing pretty bad heartburn already, so I know this baby will also have a ton of hair ☺

— I had heartburn with my first and she had a decent amount of dark hair. I am currently expecting baby number 2 and am experiencing heartburn. So we shall see once he arrives if he takes after his sister or not!

— My son had tons of hair & I had no heart burn at all.

— My cousin had really bad heartburn and baby had barely any hair.