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Ladies just know if you forget toiletries in your hospital …

Ladies just know if you forget toiletries in your hospital bag they have every thing there. I came to the hospital in an emergency situation with the clothes on my back. I had to ask for everything even disposable underware Crazy but they are so comfortable lol. I'm sexy in my granny panties watching TV and eating bad hospital food


— its true. i went into labor with the clothes on my back and they provided everything but the going home outfit for me and baby and blankets for travel

— Lol they gave me the undies to take home as well! Trust me they are worth it after you have the baby!!

— if it makes u feel better I've been here and not going home until I deliver

— @babyjakaihamilton, thank hon. We are well on out way. I feel good

— get well soon mommy

— Lol

— That sounds about right lol @missjuline

— Awwwwww that's sweet. My princess is a feisty one so we will see. Can't wait to meet her👶🏽💕🎀

— Yikes @santistevanmommie that sounds painful

— I wish I had grabbed more. I ended up having to have my incision cut back open due to an infection and so I still can't wear anything right that sits on it

— Yup @santistevanmommie I had surgery on my uterus years ago and the mesh ones with the cold pad were heaven. I look forward to those with my c section

— I loved those panties I took a couple home because I couldn't wear my own because it was painful for any amount of weight to be on my incision

— Your baby is going to be special. It's due on my birthday. 😊😁 @missjuline

— @_akgirl, yes! They are so comfy yup we are just fine

— i love the underwear they gave me!! Lol. wish i grabbed more before i left. but good to hear baby and you are doing well