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TMI but we are all women who are having babies.. When my hu…

TMI but we are all women who are having babies.. When my husband & I have sex & he cums inside of me it just comes right back out. Why does this happen?


— @kaylareese26, 3cm at 36 weeks 😱 im only 1cm since 32 weeks & im not thinned at all. I mean i havent been trying to induce myself cus i still have a few weeks to go but like when we do have sex thats what happens i always thought the sperm stays in until you go to the bathroom or something.

— you are very welcome 😊

— Well I had my last two boys around 36-37 weeks my youngest came at 36 & 2 days but I wasn't induced myself or nothing I had been 3cm dilated since 33 weeks. It doesn't take much sperm for your cervix to soften I do know that.

— @happymommy_ thank you hun!

— @sadsymama29, same here it happened before but now it happens where it comes out like it feels like the entire thing just came out of me onto my pantie & im just like well then shower time again

— its normal though...it happens...it may feel like it all comes out but some of it actually goes through...some of it dosent because the vagina is a very hostile to the sperm lol thats why its hard for some women to get pregnant right away

— @mariahkillen, of course it is really good due to still having a few more weeks until my due date & oh i did not know the lubricant that is used in hospitals to soften your cervix has what sperm has i learn something new all the time thank you for telling me that! @kaylareese26 how far along were you when it started actually working for you.

— That happened to me even before I was pregnant ..

— That used to happen to us to, but the sperm helps the cervix open also.

— Wellll I don't know but it's probably a really good thing since your only 36 weeks. Because the lubricant the hospital uses that softens your cervix happens to be the same reaction as sperm...sperm is more concentrated though so it will make your cervix efface wayyyyy faster.

— @happymommy_, doesnt the sperm help with thinning of the cervix? Its so confusing

— I believe is mucus it blocks sperm and bacteria from going in to the uterus when you are having a baby