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hubby is wanting to pay to get an ultrasound done. I was thinking at 8 weeks. but places around here won't do them that early.... I think you have to be 10 weeks.... ughhh. why won't they just do them if the person is willing to pay for them ?

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— from personal experience the earliest rewarding ultrasound I had was at 12 weeks I had one at 5,6, and 8 and nothing compared to week 12

— why would you pay for one at 8weeks??? you can see the gender an the arms an legs are little buds......

— cant*

— that's weird...I had my first one at 8 weeks

— well no matter what they look like at 8 weeks, its still rewarding to us.

— I had mine at 8 weeks with my first child.

— They didn't give you one at the doctor? are you trying to go to like a 3d place?

— I don't have an actual ob right now. we are gonna get one once I get on my husbands insurance. we must wanna get one done. lol. my husband doesn't want us to doing the 3d thing. @kartersmom ka

— we have only been through the health department

— Oh ok, well yea the reason is because the baby doesn't really move and isn't developed at that time and those kind of places do like 10-15 sessions and there's really nothing to look at for that long at 8 weeks. about 10-12 weeks you can see everything and the baby will be moving

— this is what they look like at 8 weeks

— compared to 12

— btw, insurances dont cover ultrasounds if you just want one done. you have to go through a doctor and they have to prescribe you to one. and if you arent being seen by a ob, most places dont let you get an ultrasound. my bf and I got our first private ultrasound at 18 weeks. it was $99 for the package we wanted and i had to be under some kind of ob care.

— Try searching up private ultrasound technicians in your area. thats how we found the place i went to!

— sorry for all the comments one last thing i promise! this is the place we went too!