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Turns out i have yet another UTI :( when will they end

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— lol Im still getting rid of my yeast infection.

— I think I have one too :( heading to the walk in clinic in a bit :(

— I hear taking D-Mannose is a great preventative if you get them often? I've only had one before :/

— @february2016, ughh those are the worst :( feel better & @kmally i hope you get better if you do have one & this is like my 4th one this pregnancy i feel like they will never stop i drink water & stuff it never ends

— I think I am getting one too! 😩

— I had them bad this pregnancy if it wasn't a yeast infection it was bv or a uti

— I'm sorry to hear that! I used to get them all the time!! Call your doctor and ask if you can take Azo. Wal mart, Wal greens or Hyvee sells it. Just make sure you eat before you take it because it will make you throw up!! Also drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. Or you can try 1 teaspoon of baking soda and water, it tastes nasty but it helped me. Hope you feel better!!

— thanks you too hun