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Is it possible to induce labor at 38 weeks? I'm just so unc…

Is it possible to induce labor at 38 weeks? I'm just so uncomfortable!


— Trust me @mssjudyk I know what I got myself into when I got pregnant, I'm 27, we were ready and we tried to get pregnant. I know she'll come when she's ready 😊 sex would be nice but it's too uncomfortable for me right now anyway.

— sex. walking. bouncing. mostly sex...
did you know that babies lungs release a hormone when they're done developing that tells our bodies they're ready.
the problem with forcing your child to be born before his or her body is ready, is health issues for them.
making a decision based on your uncomfortablness isn't wise.
my son came 2 days passed his due date.
I knew what I was doing when I had sex, the consequence is nit pretty. but u have to learn to deal with it. your reward comes afterwards. after patiently waiting.
babies are hard work, you probably won't sleep much at all for the first week.. you won't be comfortable either, Labour is exhausting, you'll probably have a stitch or two it'll hurt to see or poop... no sex... your time isn't yours anymore... your time and life revolves around your little one.
enjoy these last few weeks... rest... do things that u enjoy doing. pamper yourself...
they come when they're ready. literally

— I just meant like natural remedies

— u can ask ur Dr about it most Dr won't induce unless there is a medical reason such as baby's life is in danger or moms life is in danger or u r past 40 weeks most dr won't induce for uncomfortableness

— You can bring it up to your doctor and asked if you can be induced